Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sewaholic Renfrew

I think this has to be my favorite knit T pattern.  The pattern has various collars and sleeve lengths.  Bands instead of hems, and once you have it fitting you to a T, the ways you can change it are endless.  Or, you can just make a simple everyday awesome T shirt.  This fabric is a knit from Joanns.  14.99 a yard, but I had a 40% of coupon.  So 8.99 a yard.  Not a bad price for a nice T Shirt.  This knit is light weight, but still has a nice drape.  Very soft touch and the colors I just loved.  Reminded me of a watercolor painting.

 This is view A body and collar, with view C sleeves.    Again my neck band was a waffled mess, so I just folded it to the outside and topstitched it down.  I attach the neckband with a stretch stitch, but my topstitching, I just use a longer straight stitch.  It does not actually have to stretch to fit over my head.
I did not plan on putting the cuffs, or bands, on the sleeves, but had a fabric shortage, so the sleeves ended right at my elbow bend, which is uncomfortable to me.  So I went ahead and added bands.  The print does not match at the bands, but I tried to keep the color theme of the band and the end of the sleeve similar.

I also planned it so that the blue part of the material was closest to my neck and face, as it is the most flattering with my coloring.  I wish you could feel how soft this knit is.  I wore it today, am still wearing it.  It is so comfortable against your skin.  Like a kiss.  This might be my favorite T so far!!!

Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew....
Bake a little cake!!


  1. You find the best fabrics at Joanns - since I'm up at our cabin for the week I'll be heading to Flag Joanns 😀😀😀
    Love the Renfrew & your version is great

    1. Thank you MaryEllen! It is graduation weekend up here. Traffic will be crazy!

    2. What is this white stuff on the ground ??LOL

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