Friday, May 29, 2015

Not quite a Morris....

I really like the Grainline studios Morris blazer.  Most of it anyway.  It is a bit boxy but still, it is cute.  I decided to 'Morris' my TNT jacket pattern.  The red is my self drafted TNT jacket pattern, modeled off of a Target jacket from 2013.

My "Morris'd TNT

I decided, since I love the way this one fits, why not just alter it to have the styling of the Morris?
I am not exactly positive of the fabric, I bought it at JoAnns.  It said it was a bengaline, but I am not sure.  It is a pretty stable knit.  I raised and extended the front center of the 'lapels' so they could be folded back.  Below is what they look like when NOT folded back.    
 My jacket does not have an real collar like the Morris that extends all the way around the back, mine is collarless.  I used a fusible knit interfacing, but only interfaced the portion of the facing that would not show as the lapels when folder over, and interfaced the actual front lapels, where they are now the underneath of the lapel fold over.  So in essence, I only interfaced layers that would NOT be the exterior fabric layer.
Where my front darts run from apex to hem line, I just extended the dart lines to end in a point like the Morris. 
I kept my back darts for shaping, cut the back on the fold, and shortened the center back about 3/4"

 I love my new jacket!!  I love that a few tweaks of a TNT is all it took! Well that and the style idea of Jen from Grainline! 

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Keep Sewing
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  1. Your jacket certainly has the "Morris" look, but it probably fits you much better. I admire your creativity.

  2. Wow it looks awesome. Great job altering your pattern.