Saturday, May 2, 2015

New Look 6251

I had bought this gorgeous quilted knit from  I thought it was to be a Renfrew with the cowl turtleneck, but it said no.  It wanted to be a light spring jacket. 
Arguing with your fabric, never really pays off, it will win in the end.

I had high hopes for this light spring jacket.  I don't know if it was the pattern, the extra stretchy fabric or a combo, but I made the medium.  It looked like a linebacker could wear it.  I showed my husband, he said, wow.  Maybe you could just take in the shoulders?  Men.  I cut the serged a sleeves off.  I cut the serged front from the back.  I measured it against a fleece I already had and removed INCHES from the shoulder depth.  INCHES from the side seams.  Re-sewed princess seams a little deeper.  This resulted in the princess seams not sitting exactly where they should, but the fit was much better. 

Not sure how, but at first glance of pattern, I did not realize that the pocket zippers were exposed vs inserted.  I really like the look. 

In hindsight, I should have lined the outer layer of the front pockets to keep them from stretching out while my hands are in them.
Inside finishing was not detailed in the instructions, I did a lot of serging to keep my quilted fabric from coming apart.
Despite the fitting fiasco, I ended up with a light spring jacket that I really like.  I wear it almost every morning.  So success.  YAY!

Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew,
Go hiking with your sweetie


  1. I've found all of these "unisex" patterns to fit like that...very big and boxy (e.g. more for a man's body than a woman's!). It turned out terrific!!!!!

  2. Beautiful jacket Kelly. Despite the over sizing, you have triumphed and made it work. A testament to your great sewing skills.

  3. That is stunning. Love it. Glad you persevered with the fit.