Thursday, May 7, 2015

Fabric sources, thinking outside the box....

I bought this xxl maxi skirt off the clearance rack at Target.  I loved the fabric. Looked like perfect summer dress fabric. 
The waistband is just about all that was left when I was done!
I used McCalls 6559.  I traced it out last summer, and love the fit. I went with C, the shorter green one.
I really love the easy fit and style.  Great weekend summer dress.

I did not have enough fabric to cut the front and back as long as I wanted, and I did not want to mess with the border print at the bottom, so instead, I pieced the upper back.  It is 3 pieces for the racer back part, can't really even tell!
  For the front, I pieced the upper front shoulder portions, then topstitched all my piecing so it looked like a design feature.  The neck band / binding, worked out despite my skills!  It was suppose to just be a neck band, but it would not lay flat.  It was all waffly looking.  I have no idea if that means that I stretched it too tight or not enough, while attaching to the neckline.  So to fix it, I folded the band to the outside and topstitched it down.  It now looks like binding!!  A save!!
The whole thing took about 2.5 hours, then I wore it out to lunch with my kids.  I wore a cropped jean jacket over it.  I really like it.  In looking at the pic, I wish it were a couple inches longer, but wearing it, it does not feel too short.

Next up was this top, 3xl off the same clearance rack.  A lot of fabric, but not a lot of length. 


 I used an old cropped cardigan that had expired, it was too cropped and had a stain.  So a pattern it became. 

 I interfaced the neck binding and front placket with a knit fusible.  I decided to go with no closures, because, buttonholes on this seemed scary and hey, I never button a cardigan anyway.

I really like both pieces and am so glad that I checked out the clearance rack at Target!!
Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew
Got out to lunch with your favorite people!



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  2. You are so very clever!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. You have been sewing up a storm, and I love everything you have made. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. What a great idea to use clearance clothing. I really like both pieces.

  5. Both pieces look great! You're on fire with your sewing and posting!

    1. Thank you!! I am, and I am having fun!