Saturday, March 7, 2015

Archer, Weekend Getaway, Dolman Top and Renfrew, McCalls 6996....Whew....

I have been on a sewing kick!  I now need to cull my closet!!
Archer has to be my favorite button front shirt pattern.  This is my 4th.  I already have the fabric for my next two.  A lovely soft black chambray and a soft red plaid.  It never dawned on me that this was loud fabric.  I just loved the colors, and the paisley.  The two comments I have received while wearing it were ........"Wow" (not in a good way) and "Boy, you couldn't get lost in that shirt."  Damn.    Knocked me down a notch.....for a second.   I still love it.

The fabric is 100% cotton, Star Spangled Bandana from, the interfacing and buttons from Fashion Sewing Supply.

This pic of the sleeve placket cracks me up.  At the top of the tower looks just like a silly smiling face.

I love this blouse.  Loud it may be, and maybe I won't get lost.  But that is not a bad thing, right? You can see my sewing buddy in this pic.  Ipo insists on being on the sewing table, so she has her own basket to lounge in.

To get crisp turns on the cuffs - after attaching the cuffs, I fold over the edges to the seam line, and steam, steam, steam it and leave my turning tool sitting on it 'til it cools.  I do not trim back the seam allowances, except for where they overlap.  this leaves a nice crisp turn and flat surface for topstitching once they are turned right side out.

Next up, the Liesl & Co Weekend Getaway Blouse.  I saw this blouse on Pinterest and loved it. Weekend Getaway inspiration top  (The downloadable pdf also includes a dress version)
It is a simple dolman sleeve top.  The front facings are joined together wrong sides facing, which leaves the facings exposed down the front of the shirt.  Very simple and interesting.  This fabric is amazing.  I knew as soon as I opened the box that this was the perfect fabric for this top.  It is a beautiful rayon challis from Style Maker.  My first purchase from them, will not be my last. 
The back has a simple inverted pleat at the top, adds a lovely depth to the back drape.

 The upper portion of the front facing fall outwards and creates a simple collar.

I loved the fit and look of it so much, I made another.  Not sure of the content of this fabric, it is from JoAnns.  A cotton blend.  Very lightweight yet still drapes nicely.

 I also ordered this navy blue / white striped ponte knit from Style Maker.  It is a very nice knit.  Beefy and soft.  Time will tell if it pills, but for now, it feels high quality.  The pattern is the Sewaholic Renfrew.  I inserted a solid panel mid waist and as cuffs.  I thought it would look more slimming with a  solid color around the waist, but I am not so sure it does.  It is cute though, so all is not lost!

Next is another dolman sleeve top.  This was a DIY that I saw on Pinterest.  She has a tutorial of how to make your own pattern based on a T shirt that fits you.  Very simple and clever. 

Last up is a cardigan from McCalls 6996, view C I believe.  This herringbone knit is from  Light weight and drapes nicely.  This pattern is a breeze.  Of course I had to throw in  pattern matching just to make it more difficult!!  I sewed a large, but brought the upper back portion in quite a bit after tissue fitting the pattern.    I made the sleeves 3/4 and added a cuff, as I prefer to wear them pushed up vs down.  My only stray from the pattern, was to only attach the outer layer of the collar and then folded the other edge over the seams on the inside.  Much nicer finish.

No wonder I am tired.
Stay happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew,
bake cookies with a cute boy.