Sunday, November 2, 2014

Navy Blazer, check!

Finally!   I finished my navy blazer.  I morphed the M5815 and B4610.
See previous makes for details... I have made the M5815 twice previously.  Wool Tweed M5815 finished  wool tweed in progress  and Medium weight Linen  
This was my inspiration.  Love the look.  I plan on wearing it tomorrow with my mustard jeans.
This was a journey.  All went well until I got to inserting the sleeves.  To much ease.  2 3/4" to ease in.  Way to much.  I ended up inserting and taking out a sleeve, TWICE.  So I altered them.  Cutting down the sleeve cap, and taking in the bicep seams, and letting out the side seam on the body underarm.  I am not 100% happy with them, but I can live with it.  The fabric, seems to highlight every wrinkle, and is a hair magnet. 

I plan on wearing it with the sleeves rolled and pushed up.  Below you can see the color of the sleeve lining.

I didn't have enough of either lining fabric, so had to go with a diff lining for the sleeves.  LOL, I can see I forgot to slipstitch the sleeve lining closed, you can see the opening I left to turn the jacket right side out after bagging the lining.  I followed the instructions in Jackets for Real People.

These pictures crack me up.  It is hilarious how well it matches my pajamas. 

All in all, despite the sleeve debacle, the cat hair magnet qualities and always looking wrinkled, I think I really like it.  One more of my Pinterest 'to dos' DONE. 

 Stay Happy,
Keep Sewing,
and if you can't sew
Make a big pot of chili!
And for a little Grandma eye candy....