Wednesday, October 8, 2014

JEANS! I love 'em

I made these last month, and never got around to blogging them.  I am wearing them today, so I decided it was the perfect time.  This is my TNT jeans pattern.  TNT jeans Vogue 8774 with my usual tweaks.  Longer, slimmer legs, new deeper crotch curve, new waistband.  Not much new to say about them.  Mustard stretch denim from 2.5 yards.   I washed and dried the denim 3 times before cutting.  Looks more caramel than, mustard.  Really nice fall color.  This is document them for future reference.

These look a little snug below, but after wearing them all day at work, they really stretched out in the rear.

I washed and dried them again and did another test wear all day.  Saggy bottom by end of day.
So I removed the topstitching in the back rear seam and took them in about 1/2" starting at waistband down to just past the curve.  Then I took each side seam in about 1/4" from waistband to just above the knee.  Washed and dried them again.  So now they are snug when I put them on in morning, but within 5 min, they loosen up and are perfect.  Even by end of day, no saggy bottom.  Each denim really reacts differently, even when the fabric is described as having the same amount of stretch! 
I have one more pair in the near future.  A black non stretch denim.  We will see how this TNT works for me in a non stretch! 

Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew
bake some bread, the aroma is awesome!
and for a little Grandma eye candy...


  1. Love your jeans Kelly. You do an awesome job on all the top stitching and details. Great fit too.

  2. Amazing top stitching on these great jeans ! I love the colour too. Very cute grandma eye candy!!