Sunday, June 29, 2014

New Look 6407..... Modified

I think I have recuperated from our vacation.  We had a blast visiting my mother, brother, sister, daughter and grandson, who all live in Oregon, luckily not too far apart!   I only wore me made clothes the whole trip, except for my self modified Eddie Bauer denim jacket.
I had made up NL 6407 before going on vacation.  I figured since I really liked it and had the fit pretty good, I thought I should modify it to be a cute weekend shirtdress. 

I just lengthened it past hip length, curving out for a little more room.  I curved the hem in the back to be longer, and the front hem a little shorter than the back.  This was my muslin, so I used a 'loud fabric' as described by my husband.
I had to add pockets to the side seams, as every shirt dress needs pockets!
 I love the mandarin style collar.  Makes a nice frame for the face. 

  I used a cotton batiste for the facing, armhole finish and the pocket bags. 


 My new love....  Pro Supreme Medium from  This inter-facing is amazing.  I just hate when an interfacing bubbles after the first washing.  This stuff says adhered, soft and supple.  Worth every penny.
Here is a better shot of the curved high /low hem.

My husband says 'It is cute'  I think that is his way of saying, not bad for such a loud fabric.  Of
 course, I could be wrong.  He is a man.  He might just mean It is Cute.
Lessons for the next one, need to cut the front armhole a little lower.
Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't Sew
swinging with your grandson is even more fun.
A little grandma eye candy from my vacation.



  1. I love that interfacing too!!! I have it in white and black, light and medium weights.

  2. Very stylish dres & not too loud at all

  3. Lovely shirt dress Kelly...not too loud at all.