Saturday, April 20, 2013

Red Jeans, revisited

Have you ever finished a project and did your happy dance, only to have it come back and bite you in the...  well, in this case, crotch?   I love these red pants.  They look so awesome while I am prancing about doing my happy dance.  BUT, sit in them for 8 hours a day, as I do at work while crunching numbers.  OUCH.  Looking back at the pictures, I should have known.  I should have suspected.  In hindsight, there appears to be a bit of a CT. (camel toe)
 and a BW. (butt wedgie) Egads. Double trouble. 

Well I decided to tackle that today, so that I can love my jeans physically as well as visually.
Good bye beautiful top stiching on my hind end.

Using tips from, I removed the excess fabric along crotch line that was creating the offending BW.  I could do nothing about the front crotch curve, as I was NOT willing to take out the zip and redo the front.  I did pick out all the top stitching in back, unattached the belt loops and scooped the crotch curve out more deeply.  I am now wearing said jeans.  I plan on wearing them all day, with much sitting involved, before I am ready to declare a victory, or redo all the topstitching. 
Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew
enjoy doing what you can do!

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  1. What a shame. Yes I have done the happy dance - only to reconsider later. Nothing so drastic as your issues. Good luck. Hope your alterations work as they are really super jeans.