Sunday, April 7, 2013

Red Jeans. Done. Love em.

WIP is now Finished Goods.

My red jeans (rouge red bull denim from continued.... These are part Jalie 2908 and part RTW VS Hipster jeans.

I cut the waistband to be 2 3/4" wide and quite a bit longer than the pattern piece, as I like to have room for adjustments.  I wrapped the outer waistband around to the inside before attaching to the waistband lining, makes for a nice clean finish and minimal bulk where you will be attaching buttons and sewing buttonholes.  I reinforced both sides with some medium weight interfacing.

Not sure where I picked up this tip, but it was on a collar post originally.  I do NOT trim the corner when turning the waistband right side out.  I fold over the seam allowance nice and tight, and then holding it in place, I turn the waistband right side out.
 Makes a nice corner and an level upper edge for topstitching later.
 I trim the waistband bulk around the zipper, only on the inner layers, not on the layer that will be up against the out waistband, again, makes a level area for topstitching later.

 This picture is to prove the importance of back pockets.  This picture screams ''look at those huge drooping butt cheeks!!"
 Whereas, this picture says " Hey, nice pockets."    Proof, pockets are necessary rear real estate camouflage.
 Time to add the belt loops!

Rivets.  Yes, I got brave.  I don't recall where I bought them.  It was a place recommended during the big Jean challenge on Pattern in 2008.  I have only used them once before, not very successfully. The nail heads protruded through the front of the rivet almost 3/8"!
So, this time....... I used an awl to make a hole where I wanted to place a rivet.  Then inserted the nail head looking portion through the hole, from the back.  I  used a pair of nippers (pliers that can cut heavy metal) and cut the nail head so that it stuck up only 1/8" above the front fabric.  Then used the pliers to reshape the now flattened and much shorter nail head to be round again.  Placed the front of the rivet on the nail head and used the handy dandy plastic tool in the picture below to seat the nail head in one side and the rivet in the other, and then wacked it with the hammer.  It worked.  Amazing. 

This is how I will be styling my jeans tomorrow.  I am in love.  Now don't get me wrong, they are not perfect.  They are a bit tight in some places and a bit loose in others, but even so, I love them.  I have wanted red jeans for so long. 
I would like to thank my crew.  I couldn't have done it without them.
Old Singer 550 for beautiful topstitching. (inherited from Grandma)

My Brother serger for neatly trimming and containing all my loose edges.  (birthday present a decade ago)

And my Pfaff Creative 1471.  It is from 1974.  It sews through 8 - 10 layers of denim like it was butter.  I love this machine.  (best $74 I ever spent at a yard sale, can't recall how many years ago....)

 I just love, love, love my pocket design.  I found it on
Stay Happy,
Keep Sewing,
and if you can't Sew
Enjoy doing what you can do.



  1. Wow - wow - wow. They are fabulous! Great job you have done. Love the pockets (although you definitely do not have drooping butt cheeks) and the rivets give it a real professional finish. Great fit too. FAB!

  2. Oh my gosh! This is wonderful! They look fantastic. The pockets are one of my favorite features, though jeans with rivets?! *Bows down.*

  3. I bought my Pfaff Creative 1471, new, in 1987 and it has never let me down - just love it! Even then, I paid almost $2000 for it, so you got a fabulous deal at $74. Love the jeans - good for you.

  4. Great jeans! And RED, love it. Fantastic job, I myself am green...with envy. Enjoy wearing them!

  5. Those look great! And I love red jeans!

  6. These are really nice. It feels good to finish something seemingly difficult and out of reach. When finished all the flaws become small.

  7. Oh love these red jeans. You did an awesome job and they look really good on you, and the pockets are perfect!
    I too would like to make a red pair of jeans. Might be easier than trying to find denim fabric.
    I am not having much luck with that.