Monday, June 11, 2012


I played hookie today. Spent the whole weekend working on the house, (we painted the outside, finished up trim this weekend) garden (final freeze is safely behind us, so I finally got to plant some pretties.)  So I needed a me day. That was today.

I worked on the grandbaby's quilt.....
I taped the back fabric to the kitchen floor using the tiles as a grid to made sure it was straight.  Then layed the batting over that and then the top.  Smoothed everything out and pinned, pinned, pinned.  After pinning, I cut the batting all the way around leaving about 1"  all the way around.

Here it is, all pinned and folded.  Waiting for me to decide how I am going to quilt it.  Around the windows?  only in the white between windows?  any suggestions?

So then I decided that the grandbaby needed a receiving blanket.  I fell in love with this fabric at JoAnns.  Litte critters all hiding in the jungle.  The back is a soft flannel.   No pattern, just a 36" square of the main fabric and the flannel backing.  After it was cut out, I used a dinner plate as a pattern and rounded the corners.   I then sewed all sides, leaving a 5" gap for turning right side out.  Turn right side out.  Hand sew the gap closed and a little embroidery stitch around the edges.  Too cute.   A little butterfly from the jungle appliqued on the flannel side.

My beautiful daughter and my grandson.  My child with her child. 

Then I made myself a hippy skirt.  (-:  So comfortable.  No pattern.  I just layed the folded fabric out and cut 10" layers.  Sewed them into rings and gathered and layered them together.  Each layer is 1.5 times bigger than the one above it.  There are no pockets, so I made a hidden hanging one, on the inside.  Perfect for my phone. 

I wish I could afford to play hookie everyday!

Stay Happy! Keep Sewing!!

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