Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Me Made May

I have been unofficially taking part in Me Made May.  I have worn at least 2 me made items everyday.  I have not taken pictures as I barely have time to blog... obviously.  What taking part in this challenge has brought to my attention.

1.  I spend too much time sewing clothes I will not wear.
2.  I don't like to wear dresses.
3.  I need to stop making dresses.
4.  I like wearing skirts. 
5.  I need more skirts that are easier to make an outfit out of.  Outlandish print skirts do not blend easily into ones wardrobe.
6.  I need to widen the variety of tops that I make.
7.  T shirts are not that flattering on me.
8.  A top that fits well is way more flattering than a baggy top that I think hides my bulges.
9.  I need to make more panties.
10.  I love home made panties.
11.  When I buy inappropriate material to make everyday clothes, I will not wear them.
12.  I have only made 1 pair of shorts.  1... really.  How did that happen?
13.  Stop buying fabric in colors that don't look good on me.
14.  My duct tape dummy really is my friend.
15.  If I make a pattern and it just does nothing for me, don't try it again for gosh sakes.
16.  Line the skirt! Beats the heck out of searching for a slip of appropriate length in the dark while trying not to wake my husband.
17.  Stop repeating a pattern just because it is quick and easy.  ie, too many Sorbettos
18.  Stop making sleeveless if I am not going to work out my upper arms.
19.  Sleeves are my friend.
20.  Instant tan makes any skirt look better.
21.  I love to sew.  I love to think about it, to read about it, to do it.  Now I need to improve on the wearing more of what I sew.  
22.  I need more time to sew.

There, one for everyday so far.

Now, what in the world am I going to wear tomorrow?  Going to try to force myself to wear the yellow and grey shirtdress I made so long ago.  Try.  Force. 

Stay Happy
Keep Sewing

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  1. I love that list - totally made me smile!! Especially the part about dresses. Mee too :)