Saturday, July 2, 2011

I have been busy! Just not posting!

Finished my June Jacket, McCalls 5815, view A.  (In June even)
Mine is a medium weight linen from Jo Anns.  I ended up with a fabric flaw on the front that I didn't notice til to late, so my collar is reversed.  Hides it well.  (-: I lengthened the body by 1.5 inches, as it was a bit short on me.

Next up.. Simplicity Easy to Sew button front blouse, I made view B.  I did not have to lengthen this one, it has a good length.   I used a lightweight cotton with a touch of stretch with tiny white polka dots, from   I love it.

Then I needed a pair of shorts to wear with them, and I thought, why not yellow?  So here is my McCalls 5633 view A. 
I had to change the crotch length and depth (I mimicked a RTW pair that fit me well for the curve)  I used a stretch denim from

Finally got to wear my New Look 6020 to the wedding! 
The fabric is a beautiful 'Monet'ish watercolar floral.  I believe it is from  A lovely cotton that does NOT wrinkle!

Now I am working on McCalls 6279, in an olive stretch twill from Jo Ann's.
  The sleeveless view has 15 buttons!  The buttons cost more than the fabric!  It is not buttoned on KellyGirl 2, as she is a bit larger than me right now. I cut a straight 16 (except lengthened by 6")  but took 1 1/4" side seams above the waist and 1" below the waist.  It is not hemmed yet, still just pinned.  Not sure how I want to finish the hem.

I was not going to make a self fabric belt, because sometimes it just seems to scream HOMEMADE.  I didn't like any of my belts with the dress though, and had used all of my FOUR yards of fabric for the dress, with no scraps except for the bias strips I had cut out in case I needed them for finishing the arms and inner seams.  I ended up lining the dress instead though, so I used those bias strips to make the belt!  I wish I had cut them wider, but oh well.  It will do til I find the perfect belt for it. 

Stay Happy, Keep Sewing!