Sunday, April 24, 2011

Finished Goods and WIP

Finished Goods:

Jalie 2908 for my sister's Birthday.  She lives in OR, she sent me her measurements, and I traced, sewed, topstitched and prayed and then mailed them to her.  They fit!!

WIP,  Work In Process.... 

So, to celecbrate, I decided to start my May jacket early.  That isn't cheating, is it?  McCall's 5815 semi fitted, lined and a very different bow collar.  Photo
Here it is with the collar just pinned on.   My collar is on the opposite side than that of the pattern picture.  My left front had a flaw in the linen just above nipple height that I did not notice in time.  So I just reversed the collar and no one will know!  I also pleated the front pockets as the drape just did nothing for me.

Happy Sewing! and Happy Easter! 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pfaff is back and I have been busy!

I finished my April jacket, spring in Flagstaff requires a jacket. The 12" of snow we had last night and today, require more than this jacket..... but, I can wait, suppose to be almost 70 by next Friday. This is the New Look 6799 again.

I took a 1" tuck out of the back and 1/2" out of the front pieces.  Was very boxy otherwise.  I also added 3 inches in length so that I could have a deeper hem.  I added ties to the back to give it a different feel and hemmed the sleeves deep, so that I could cuff them.


I tried piping for the first time. Not sure how I feel about it. Can't tell if it looks nice or looks cutesy. I was not going for cutesy.  I don't plan on buttoning it, so I didn't bother with buttons or button holes.  Wanted a lighter and fresher look.  There is a snap as the top closure, covered by these vintage yellow buttons.

I think it will look nice with a pair jeans.  (-:

My dress is almost finished... actually only needs hemming.  It is New Look
6020.  I am making view D in front, with the lower back of B.
  New Look - 6020
Here are some pics of it earlier in the process.  I love the fabric, looks like a Monet watercolor.
I tissue fitted the bodice to my KG2, and could see the princess seams were not going to fit me.  I made a muslin of the bodice to get the princess seams to fit my curves.  I needed to get rid of gapping at sides above my breast in the armhole area and then the same area on the back piece. I also made the front armhole with less of a scoop, where you can see the white in the front of the arm below, I altered that to fit closer to my arm.

 The fit is much better.  So I transfered the changes I made on the muslin back to my traced pattern.

Here are my traced pattern changes on top of the original pattern
 You can see, I 'unscooped' the front armscyce quite a bit.  Hate to have that area showing. 

Here is the bodice out of the actual material.

I used 'Nancy's' tutorial to attach the lining to the sleeveless bodice.  The whole time I am following it, I am thinking, there is No way this will work!  But I followed her instructions to a T, and viola! It worked and it was perfect!

I will post a pic wearing it once I have hemmed it.  (-:

Happy Sewing!