Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Jacket finished!

Simplicity 2227 turns out really cute if you use the right fabric!  Here it is on KellyGirl2.
I plan on wearing this over a summer dress, so I did not want buttons.  It seemed unfinished with no closure, so I did this....

I have some very old buttons (love estate shopping!) circa 1960 - 70, I just made a loop and attached it on one side, my vintage button on the other.
If I decide to button it....
The pattern does not include a lining, but I wanted it to glide smoothly over my dress, so I made my own.  Here is the lining, I bagged it using Palmer & Pletsch's 'Jackets for Real People'  I love that book.
March jacket done!

Happy Sewing!


  1. What a beautiful, versatile jacket. Congrats!

  2. Love the look of this jacket. It will look wonderful worn with a dress or pants :)

    I love Jackets for Real People too!