Friday, March 25, 2011

Backup machines....

My two workhorse machines are off to the doctors tomorrow.

I had such great plans for them this weekend. )-:  My sister's b-day present.  A pair of Jalie 2908's.

My 1974 Pfaff Creative sews  8 layers of denim as it it were butter.  My grandma's 1967 Singer 467 was my top -stitching dream.  Now I have to do both sewing and topstitching on my backup machine.  I don't know much about it, bought it at a yard sale last year.  It is a Nelco. Sews very well, and is very quiet.  Weighs about 25 -30 lbs.  Very solid.

Hopefully my main players will be back soon.  I think perhaps I need more backup machines........
Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Jacket finished!

Simplicity 2227 turns out really cute if you use the right fabric!  Here it is on KellyGirl2.
I plan on wearing this over a summer dress, so I did not want buttons.  It seemed unfinished with no closure, so I did this....

I have some very old buttons (love estate shopping!) circa 1960 - 70, I just made a loop and attached it on one side, my vintage button on the other.
If I decide to button it....
The pattern does not include a lining, but I wanted it to glide smoothly over my dress, so I made my own.  Here is the lining, I bagged it using Palmer & Pletsch's 'Jackets for Real People'  I love that book.
March jacket done!

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Take two.... Simplicity 2227 Spring jacket aka March Jacket

Ok, so I have not given up on this pattern.
 This time a chose a brown linen.  I know brown seems like fall, but I chose to think of it as dirt colored.  Dirt is definitely spring to me.  (-:  

 I altered the back darts to fit my curves (or lack thereof) and added to the should height.  Was not sure how to adapt the sleeve cap to allow for this, so my fingers are crossed.   (-: 

This jacket pattern is not lined, but I want this to slip smoothly over the cotton sheath dress I will be wearing it over (that I have not made yet.... for a casual June wedding)  So I used the front, back and sleeve pattern pieces to cut out the lining pieces.  Then I folded the seam allowance down on the appropriate edges of the facing pieces and topstitched them right on top of the front and back lining pieces instead of trying to redraw the pattern to make adjusted lining pattern pieces.  Then I just cut away the excess lining that remained under the facing pieces.  The lining will be a satiny slippery material that is not so friendly to work with.
I am going to use Palmer & Pletch's Jackets for Real People to bag the lining on this one.  I did it once before on my trench looking jacket.  I loved the way it turned out. 

Happy Sewing!  Got to go run! 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A wadder / stuffer / orphan

Well the Simplicity 2227 ended up a wadder  stuffer.  I don't know what happened.  Half way through, I decided I didn't like the fabric.  It looks pretty, feels awful. Shreds, verrrry stretchy across grain, no stretch with grain.  Made for some unflattering sagging across back.

Then I just lost all drive to finish it.  So, it is in the closet.  Back right corner..bottom shelf,  you can just make it out.. laying there....  I feel like I let it down.  I am sorry. 

But life is short.  Sewing time is precious.  I must move on.

So, to cleanse my palette of failure, I decided to return to Simplicity 2599.   I loved the ease and comfort of this top so much that I made another! 

This is version E with just one ruffle going around the neckline, sans the bow. With bow was just too much. Another light gauzy feeling material.  To make it easier to work with, I starched the pieces after I cut them out.  Sure made fabric handling easier and it didn't fray quite as fast that way.  I did all hong kong finishes on the inside.  Again, did not use neck facings, instead used self bias.  Much cleaner finish in my opinion.

Here is how I am wearing it tonight, DD2 is taking me out for sushi for my birthday.  This jacket is New Look 6799 that I made in February.

And the jeans..... Jalie 2908 from last October.
Happy Sewing!

On a side note.... my running mojo has returned!  It left me after the marathon Jan 2010.  Somehow it came back.  Thank God.  Taking it easy and really enjoying it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

T- shirt cure! Simplicity 2599

JoAnns is having a Simplicity pattern sale. $1.99, so I picked up a few....

Finally, an easy top to make that is not a t-shirt!
Misses Tops
I love this pattern.  I made view D (yellow one).  It is woven, slightly shaped top with various ruffles trims. 
Close up of ruffles....
Has a small back opening with button loop closure (not needed - but looks nice)

I did not use the neck facing pieces, I used the armhole pattern piece to make bias to finish the neck line. Shoulder and side seams, all hong kong finished. Not sure of the material. Something crepe-y and sort of grainy feeling. Wore it today with a chocolate brown cardigan.

edited to add version 2!

So far this month, everyday I have worn something that I have made.  Kind of easy I have made all of my panties!

Next up is my March jacket.  Simplicity 2227

Thinking of changing the sleeves though to 3/4 length, as despite what the calendar may say, it is still cold here!  If the fit is nice, I will do again when it feels like spring with the original sleeves.

Happy Sewing!