Saturday, November 14, 2009

Do the Bustle!

Who knew I could bustle?  Not me!  My soon to be daughter-in-law needed her wedding dress bustled for after the ceremony as it has a good sized train.  Her first fitting of the bustle did not go so well.  It was very warm in my house (fireplace going) and the dress is very heavy and many layers ....  After about 20 minutes of pinning, she started to sway.  We quickly spread sheets on the couch as she flopped down.  (-;  Since by that time we had the length needed, we extricated her from the dress and KellyGirl 2 came to the rescue and the remainder of the pinning, and then attaching of loops and ribbons was done on her.  I finished today.
Here she is...

I think it looks gorgeous.  More importantly, so does DIL to be!
I also finished my dress today

Phew.... Now I am going to go take a break!


  1. WOW that bustling looks beautiful. You did a wonderful job. (your DIL won't forget this fitting :)
    Your dress and bolero also turned out beautiful. It fits you perfectly.

  2. I love both dresses...good job!!!

  3. Beautiful, both dresses are fantastic. You will be such a good mommy-in-law! <3 mom