Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gap 1969 RTW copy #2

I finally got around to sewing the jeans I cut out in July!  These are my second copy of a pair of GAP 1969 jeans.  I loved the originals, but alas, they could no longer contain me.

This is a stretch denim that I bought at FABRIC.COM.  I liked the color when I cut it out... now I am thinking it is awful blue.... looks like the 70's.

I have not yet hemmed them.  Even though I preshunk the fabric a few times, I will wash and dry them a couple times before I hem them.

The waistband I cut in two sections, right and left and then sewed them together at a slant.  Before I attached the waistband, it was a slight V shape.  This helps get rid of the gaping at the back.  I used some quilting cotton for the pockets, inside waistband and fly extension. (like a cute little secret hiding inside, just for me)  Debbie Cook's fly tutorial once again ended with a perfect zipper installation.  

I tried my hand (er..machine) at embroidering on the coin pocket... not so hot, but I can live with it.  (-:
I used Coats and Clark heavy duty thread for the topstitching in camel.

I did crossed belt loops on the back.  I rarely wear a belt, but it just doesn't seem like jeans without belt loops!

I drew the design for the back pockets using my curved taylors ruler. 

I think for my next pair, I want to try some really dark denim. I have some great golden yellow topstitching thread that I think would look really sharp with dark denim.

Run when you can
Walk when you need
Crawl if you must
Just never give up!


  1. Wow, these absolutely look amazing!! Congratulations on a great job. How did you duplicate your favorite pair? Did you cut them apart?

  2. Thank you! I did cut them apart, but it was not a loss... they had given up on me already, split under my butt cheek from crotch to hip. Not so easy to patch! Sure made copying them easier!

  3. What a fantastic job on these jeans.
    They fit perfect!