Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Almost half way!

Just shy of half way to my 800 miles goal this year! I know, I know, you are thinking, just almost half way and August is ALMOST over! No worries, Marathon training officially starts next month, I will make 800 by years end! You would think with all the miles I am running (and NO strawberry shortcake in MONTHS) that the lbs would be falling of..... but no. I have lost some, but mostly my body is changing, more muscle, less flab. Good thing, the gravity battle is non stop.

I have been sewing like crazy - skirts, jeans, purses.... and fabric SHOPPING like crazy. My fabric stash needs it's own room now. I should buy stock in FABRIC.COM I must be readying myself for the long winter. Stocking up in case I am snowed in for months. ((-:

Just finished a 7 mile run. I must hit the shower as that smell is either Poncho (our yorkie) or me and he is wrinkling his nose at me.

P.S. Britt bought a hula hoop. One of those huge ones with water in it. We still got it -- The MOVES that is....AND the hula hoop, she has a hard time fitting it in her car!

Run when you can
Walk when you need
Crawl if you must
Just never give up


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