Sunday, March 15, 2009


My husband works a rotating night shift, so it ends up that every other weekend he is working nights, sleeping days. I call these my Sew til you Drop weekends. (-: I am working on squeezing some 'home chores' in when I come up for air from my machines.... Not working out very well though.

Up first on the menu for this weekend was another M5590 high waisted pencil skirt. This time View A, out of a chocolate twill, with belt loops and side pockets. I wish it were about 1 1/2" longer, but oh well. I did not have a cute little belt, so this is just a piece of a jelly roll I had.

For my second course, I felt compelled to make a shirt to pair up with my first M5590. My DD2 suggested something with ruffles. I found Simplicity 2697 and thought it would be perfect! I made view F for the ruffles, and added view B's puffed sleeve with sleeve band.

Aren't the ruffles and puffed sleeve so ... feminine? I do not usually do puffed sleeves, but I think that this turned out very well. My only complaint is that the shoulders slip a bit and then the dreaded bra strap flash happens. Here is a better shot of the sleeves, and the ruffles that are just attached to the front of the shirt!

And then..... here it is with this my second M5590..........

So now.... it is only Sunday morning..... Awaiting in the side lines are.... grocery shopping, laundry, living room 'uncluttering', a short run .... and yet, all I can think about is this plum linen that I bought and Simplicity 2651.........

77.3 down

722.7 miles to go!

Rock On!

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  1. Wow! You are a sewing MACHINE! Love the skirt and the blouse!