Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring!! I am ready!

I am so excited for spring to hurry up and be here! Gardening, flowers, green grass, fresh tomatos, fresh herbs.... shorts! sandals! ..... Today the sky was spitting frozen tiny snow and the wind was cruel. Maybe if I make some skirts, the weather will come around.

This is McCalls 5590 high waisted pencil skirt, view B.

Not sure if this is the best shirt to wear with it... I always have the hardest time putting things together. Luckily for me, my daughters both love to 'help' me!

I love the tabs on this skirt, I think it breaks up the width of the waist and adds a little fun.

You can see from the back, that not only am I a newbie to invisible zippers, but I didn't even use the right color! Live and learn.

73.3 down
726.7 miles to go
Rock On!


  1. I love that fabric. Is is a border print? It kind of looks like it. It's very cute.

  2. Hi Dawn, It is a border print. I picked it up on clearance at JoAnns.

  3. I bought some of that fabric to make a skirt too, but yours is soooooo cute. I wish I was skinny so that I could wear that style.

  4. DARLING! You, my sister, have talent! Love it.