Sunday, March 29, 2009


There is a Jeans Sew Along happening on PR. Cabinbaby started it when the new Jalie jeans pattern came out(2908) I joined the Sew Along, I ordered the pattern, I bought the some beautiful black stretch denim from JoAnns.... I washed and dryed the material, I waited. I washed and dryed the material again... I waited..... I read all of the progress others were making on the Sew Along... I waited... I bought more material, a stretch metro Indigo from I washed and dryed the material.....I waited. Still no Jalie Pattern! I got so impatient, I decided what I needed was to keep busy while waiting.

I have (had) a pair of 1969 jeans from the GAP. They were so.... well fitting, that I ripped out the rear and one knee. (-: I took them apart yesterday and decided they would make the perfect stretch jeans pattern, while I patiently await my Jalie pattern.

You can see the lovely patch job I attempted on the rear. I loved these jeans. So, I cut one side apart and used it as a pattern on my lovely metro indigo from

I think they turned out quite nice. I love working with stretch denim! It is just what my body needs!

I had to install this zipper THREE times. Completely, I am talking top stitching, bar tacking, fly extension inside.. the works.

1st time.... made fly way to loonnng. Extended down into my crotch! Not a good look.
2nd time... did a beautiful job! except the damn zipper was inserted backwards! Had to stick my hand in my pants to zip and unzip. (-: That won't do.
3rd time... was the charm. Good thing, I think if I had to pick out that topstitching anymore, I would have worn a hole in the fabric!

I think the pockets turned out nice as well, I think I am getting the hang of topstitching with heavy thread. Now I just need to work on placement.... I unfortunately went against my better judgement and added the back pockets prior to construction.... and now they are a tad off. But oh well, I can live with it!

For the inside, I used a vintage pillow ticking that I picked up at St Vincent De Paul. I just love it!

So now that I have that out of my system, I think I will be able to patiently await my new Jalie stretch denim jeans pattern, so that I can participate in the Jeans Sew Along!

96.8 down!
703.2 to go!
Rock On!


  1. Wow - those jeans are amazing! I love the inside fabric too! I'll have to watch for that the next time I'm thrifting.

  2. Those jeans are perfect - excellent job! Love th topstitching.

  3. Great looking jeans, the topstitching is amazing.

  4. Wow, that's amazing. Your jeans look great and fit great! I'm getting impatient too but with the volcano belching ash everywhere . . . no mail. :(

  5. Wow! I can't believe you made those jeans.
    They look great.

  6. Beautiful jeans. They fit perfect. Great job :)
    I must read on, but what's the count down for?

  7. Thanks Ann, The countdown is from my New Year's resolution to run 800 miles this year. Had a slow start so far!