Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cure for a headache

I woke up with a headache today and it was still aching when I got off work today. I decide to take a run instead of tylenol. (-: Runs usually cure my headaches. The weather cooperates today, still in the low 50's when I got home. Slight breeze. I started out running through the surrounding neighborhoods and then down an urban trail that runs through the woods and along a canyon. There are ducks swimming on the small pond above the dam. A little girl, balancing carefully on one foot, is intently studying them from the wooden bridge. She smiles at me and then at the ducks. I run past her brother, with a small rock in his hand, also watching the ducks intently. He drops the rock and smiles. Another 1/4 mile through the woods and then back out along the road and into neighborhoods again. Just over 3 miles and ...smile.. my headache is gone.

88.4 miles down
711.6 to go!
Rock On!


  1. Sounds Delightful! I'll try that next time instead of reaching for the excedrin.

  2. What a good healthy alternative. And a nice story to share is a bonus. ;)