Sunday, March 8, 2009

Birthdays!! Got to love them!!

My Baby boy just turned 20. Isn't he handsome!

Ever since he was little, his favorite dinner was... Hamburger Helper. Ok, so that may say something about my cooking abilities when he was small, but oh well.

So for dinner, my handsome husband made him Elk Stroganoff (grown up HHelper)

and I made him a chocolate, white swirled cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting... mmmm mmm

My DD's made me the most delicious carrot cake (my fave)

Grandma and Grandpa R came to party....

DD Britt

DD Ashley and her sweetie Al

and the Birthday boy with his sweetheart..

73.3 miles down
726.7 to go
Rock On!


  1. Wonderful pictures! Such a beautiful family. I love that you're such a big part of my life too! xoxoxox!

  2. BTW - you look AWESOME in that dress!

  3. Beautiful children! I know you are proud.
    My DS turned 20 on March 5, and he's my baby.