Sunday, March 29, 2009


There is a Jeans Sew Along happening on PR. Cabinbaby started it when the new Jalie jeans pattern came out(2908) I joined the Sew Along, I ordered the pattern, I bought the some beautiful black stretch denim from JoAnns.... I washed and dryed the material, I waited. I washed and dryed the material again... I waited..... I read all of the progress others were making on the Sew Along... I waited... I bought more material, a stretch metro Indigo from I washed and dryed the material.....I waited. Still no Jalie Pattern! I got so impatient, I decided what I needed was to keep busy while waiting.

I have (had) a pair of 1969 jeans from the GAP. They were so.... well fitting, that I ripped out the rear and one knee. (-: I took them apart yesterday and decided they would make the perfect stretch jeans pattern, while I patiently await my Jalie pattern.

You can see the lovely patch job I attempted on the rear. I loved these jeans. So, I cut one side apart and used it as a pattern on my lovely metro indigo from

I think they turned out quite nice. I love working with stretch denim! It is just what my body needs!

I had to install this zipper THREE times. Completely, I am talking top stitching, bar tacking, fly extension inside.. the works.

1st time.... made fly way to loonnng. Extended down into my crotch! Not a good look.
2nd time... did a beautiful job! except the damn zipper was inserted backwards! Had to stick my hand in my pants to zip and unzip. (-: That won't do.
3rd time... was the charm. Good thing, I think if I had to pick out that topstitching anymore, I would have worn a hole in the fabric!

I think the pockets turned out nice as well, I think I am getting the hang of topstitching with heavy thread. Now I just need to work on placement.... I unfortunately went against my better judgement and added the back pockets prior to construction.... and now they are a tad off. But oh well, I can live with it!

For the inside, I used a vintage pillow ticking that I picked up at St Vincent De Paul. I just love it!

So now that I have that out of my system, I think I will be able to patiently await my new Jalie stretch denim jeans pattern, so that I can participate in the Jeans Sew Along!

96.8 down!
703.2 to go!
Rock On!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cure for a headache

I woke up with a headache today and it was still aching when I got off work today. I decide to take a run instead of tylenol. (-: Runs usually cure my headaches. The weather cooperates today, still in the low 50's when I got home. Slight breeze. I started out running through the surrounding neighborhoods and then down an urban trail that runs through the woods and along a canyon. There are ducks swimming on the small pond above the dam. A little girl, balancing carefully on one foot, is intently studying them from the wooden bridge. She smiles at me and then at the ducks. I run past her brother, with a small rock in his hand, also watching the ducks intently. He drops the rock and smiles. Another 1/4 mile through the woods and then back out along the road and into neighborhoods again. Just over 3 miles and my headache is gone.

88.4 miles down
711.6 to go!
Rock On!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


My husband works a rotating night shift, so it ends up that every other weekend he is working nights, sleeping days. I call these my Sew til you Drop weekends. (-: I am working on squeezing some 'home chores' in when I come up for air from my machines.... Not working out very well though.

Up first on the menu for this weekend was another M5590 high waisted pencil skirt. This time View A, out of a chocolate twill, with belt loops and side pockets. I wish it were about 1 1/2" longer, but oh well. I did not have a cute little belt, so this is just a piece of a jelly roll I had.

For my second course, I felt compelled to make a shirt to pair up with my first M5590. My DD2 suggested something with ruffles. I found Simplicity 2697 and thought it would be perfect! I made view F for the ruffles, and added view B's puffed sleeve with sleeve band.

Aren't the ruffles and puffed sleeve so ... feminine? I do not usually do puffed sleeves, but I think that this turned out very well. My only complaint is that the shoulders slip a bit and then the dreaded bra strap flash happens. Here is a better shot of the sleeves, and the ruffles that are just attached to the front of the shirt!

And then..... here it is with this my second M5590..........

So now.... it is only Sunday morning..... Awaiting in the side lines are.... grocery shopping, laundry, living room 'uncluttering', a short run .... and yet, all I can think about is this plum linen that I bought and Simplicity 2651.........

77.3 down

722.7 miles to go!

Rock On!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring!! I am ready!

I am so excited for spring to hurry up and be here! Gardening, flowers, green grass, fresh tomatos, fresh herbs.... shorts! sandals! ..... Today the sky was spitting frozen tiny snow and the wind was cruel. Maybe if I make some skirts, the weather will come around.

This is McCalls 5590 high waisted pencil skirt, view B.

Not sure if this is the best shirt to wear with it... I always have the hardest time putting things together. Luckily for me, my daughters both love to 'help' me!

I love the tabs on this skirt, I think it breaks up the width of the waist and adds a little fun.

You can see from the back, that not only am I a newbie to invisible zippers, but I didn't even use the right color! Live and learn.

73.3 down
726.7 miles to go
Rock On!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Birthdays!! Got to love them!!

My Baby boy just turned 20. Isn't he handsome!

Ever since he was little, his favorite dinner was... Hamburger Helper. Ok, so that may say something about my cooking abilities when he was small, but oh well.

So for dinner, my handsome husband made him Elk Stroganoff (grown up HHelper)

and I made him a chocolate, white swirled cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting... mmmm mmm

My DD's made me the most delicious carrot cake (my fave)

Grandma and Grandpa R came to party....

DD Britt

DD Ashley and her sweetie Al

and the Birthday boy with his sweetheart..

73.3 miles down
726.7 to go
Rock On!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Burda World of Fashion Magazine

I read so much about the BWOF patterns that Pattern Reviewers try, and I love the idea of patterns that are diff than the big 4 that I inquired into a subscription.....$80.00 here in the US for this German fashion mag. It comes out monthly and CONTAINS patterns that you trace and go. For inquiring they sent me the Spring 3/2009 for free! This issue contains 10 coat/jacket, 8 blouse/top, 8 dresses, 3 pants, 5 mens and childrens patterns. As well as photos of all of these pattens made and their fabric suggestions. That is alot of patterns!! albeit, that I won't want to try them all, in this issue there are two so far that are intriguing - #114 the trenchcoat and 106 the blouse and 107 the dress...ok, so there are 3 SO FAR that are intriguing. But looking at the pattern sheet that you trace from looks very intimidating!! I am trying to decide if the investment is worth it.....if any one passing by subscribes to BWOF, please leave me your thoughts on the patterns / magazine and ease (or not) of the patterns.
Happy March!