Saturday, February 28, 2009

I did it again!!

Ok, so it seems as if when I hit on something that works for me, I just do it to death. I made another 'My Flirt' pair of jeans, this time in faded blue denim from JoAnns. They are a copy of my fave RTW, Flirt by Old Navy.

I envisioned a faded comfy looking pair of jeans to knock about in. Now I remember why dark jeans are more flattering than light jeans, but oh well, these are going to be my weekend jeans.

I did some embroidery on the smaller front pockets and the belt loops. I think it gives it a warm hippy feel. I don't mind looking like a warm hippy. (-:

62.2 miles down!

737.8 miles to go!

Rock On!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Joanie's Jammies!!!

My sister has officially jumped on the sewing bandwagon. Her fabric is a beautiful flannel, great colors.
Here is her first creation. Flannel jammies with casing waistband with drawstrings and buttonholes! Not sure which pattern she used, will have to update later.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Butterick 4914 Maggy London Dress

My daughter saw this material on clearance at JoAnns.

She said, Mom! These colors would look great on you. It is a knit, black and dark olive green fronds. You should make a dress out of it!, she declares.

I said, Are you kidding? That doesn't look like me at all! We debated, she won and I bought the fabric.

This morning I started another B4914 Maggy London dress.

As the morning passed and I could see it coming together, I started to get more enthusiastic. I started wondering what shoes I could wear it with.... (black leather Borns in the pics)

Needless to say, she was right. I love this dress. I am afraid it looks very fallish and here it is mid February! I am NEVER in season!! Here it is front and back.

And a close up of the front, the wrap and pleats give even me a little cleavage!

A Little Black Dress!

I have been wanting to make this Maggy London dress for awhile. I got the perfect fabric, a lovely slinky knit from Gorgeous Fabrics that just demanded to be this dress. I made a sleeveless version, keeping in line with the idea of a little black dress, that and I ran out of fabric before I got to the sleeves! I love the shirred waistline, its' bumps and gathers hide mine!
Other than the gathering for the shirring, I sewed this completely on my new CoverPro 1000. I love that machine!

Of course, now that it is finished, I realize I do NOT have shoes to go with it!!!

Happy Birthday Britt!!!!

My DD2 wanted a Chocolate Motherlode Cake like they make at Claim Jumpers. 6 layers of chocolate deliciousness surrounded by a to die for fudgy frosting. It tooks me hours to bake, then again to assemble and frost! It was Sooooooo Good!

A good time was had by all!!! I made her take the leftover cake home....didn't want that sitting around MY house!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vogue 1086

I bought this beautiful dress pattern the last time JoAnns had a Vogue pattern sale..... I keep checking PR to see if anyone has reviewed it yet! I love being able to read about others experiences, and suggestions before I dive into a new untried pattern. Does anyone else out there have this pattern in the wings?

Happy Valentine's Day!!

For Valentines Day, my husband and I spent the entire day together, planned our menu and then went shopping to make our dinner. We had King Crab, Rib Eye steak, fresh aspargus, baked new potatoes. Drawn butter with garlic & lemon for the crab. He roasted red bell peppers and pine nuts and made a wonderful sauce for our steaks. It was divine! For dessert, fresh strawberries and blueberries on fresh baked shortcakes with fresh made whipped cream. Mmmm mmmm. I love that man!

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Flirt jeans are done!

My fave jeans, The Flirt by Old Navy are shall we say... shrinking.

I decided to attempt to copy them and make my own Flirt jeans.
Here are My Flirt jeans !!

I think they turned out pretty good! The amount of topstitching on a pair of jeans is unbelievable! I love how the pocket details turned out.

To celebrate... I made cupcakes!!!! This one is for my sister. She just recently started sewing and all sewers need a cupcake! Shh.... don't tell her, it is a surprise!

On a side note..... It still hasn't quit snowing!! Hey Grandma, recognize that adorable hat?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

RTW Jeans

I have a fave pair of jeans. The fit is perfect and they are comfortable. I decided to use them for a pattern, of course, I couldn't take them apart as there is nothing wrong with them. I took a TNT pants pattern as my base and then retraced it to incorporate the changes in the RTW, lower waist, especially in front, scoop jean pockets in front, patch pockets in back and slimmer fitting legs all the way down. I worked on them ALL day yesterday. I can't believe how long it takes to get the details - the topstitching on the pockets, fly, coin pocket... it all is so time consuming and yet while I am doing it... It is making me happy! Right now they are awaiting a final fitting on the outer leg and the waistband is not attached...I still have to make the belt loops... Lots to do! I think they are going to be pretty close to the RTW pair.... We shall see.

Friday, February 6, 2009


I just love Fridays! They are so full of possibility, the whole weekend ahead of you! My sewing dreams / fantasies have no time limit when viewed from Friday night. My sewing mojo came back. I do not even know why it left! A few nights ago, I had the whole evening to myself and had great sewing plans, I was going to whip out my new B5283 top. By the time I had traced out the pattern, I had NO DESIRE to sew it! How does that happen? Luckily it came back. It struck this afternoon while I was at work. I could not wait to get home! While out to breakfast the other day, I was noticing how cute this woman's top was, it was a simple T, but the sleeves ended in these cute ruffles. I thought.... I could so sew that!!! So I did. 2 hours. S4706 view C for the body. B5283 for the sleeves. I made the sleeves half length and then added a 3" ruffle. I used my NEW CP1000 to hem it and to topstitch the neckline and ruffles. I love that thing!! But I really need lots of practice!! I have a really hard time sewing straight with it. I think the top turned out pretty cute.....Now, if my husband would come home..... I could wear it out to dinner!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

DD in S3538 !

The jacket is ALMOST as adorable as she is!!
She decided no closures, so she left it here so I
can add my label, and then it is done!!!!
DD2 is next, she wants one in brown corduroy,
no ruffle and a peter pan collar.

I have also gone a little bag crazy! They offer such instant gratification, got to sew a few between projects!

The one with a jeans pocket is called a subway purse, if you loop the long handle under the short, it becomes pick pocket proof. (-: The rest are just my variations of a small hobo bag, all made from scrap materials.