Monday, July 28, 2008

Vogue 1051 Finished!!

They are DONE!. OMG The welt pockets in the back had me so confused!! The pattern illustration of putting the welt together HAD to be upside down. Made no sense. By trial and error ( and checking out Erica B's review photos of the back welts) I figured it out...although mine look diff than Erica's.... Oh well. To be honest, I kind of almost finished them about 2 weeks ago... on the final try on after all hope for change in fitting was lost.... The waist was tooooo tight!! How did that happen? Dang vacation food! Ok, so after 2 weeks of dieting, I could snap them so I decided to forgive them, hem them and be done! Forgive my messy kitchen. I had no photographer and obviously no skill at taking photos of myself! I love them, and with a few pattern alterations (lower crotch, raise center back) am going to make another pair in denim. (-:

Monday, July 14, 2008

Vacations! 2 weeks to a new you!

All vacations should be at least 2 weeks. That is enough time to actually unwind, relax and renew. A week at home with hubby ( we work different shifts so this was a splendid change) and a week in Oregon visiting family. Heaven. All the while, waiting patiently in my sewing room is my already cut out, Vogue pants...... I hear them calling me now!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Christmas in July!

Well that is how I feel! I just bought my first Vogue pattern (5 actually, JoAnn's has them on sale 3.99 ea) I am so excited!!! I guess somewhere in my mind, Vogue = Style, so if I sew Vogue, I will be sew stylish!! Silly, I know. But hey, I AM excited!!

Alice + Olivia v1051 will be my first Vogue attempt. I just love the simple line of the pants and the understated detailing. Details... What was I thinking? I have NEVER sewn a welt pocket before. I better head to Pattern Review and do some homework and then read the pattern at least 3 times and then practice a welt pocket or two....